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UPDATE: Jennifer Thomas and Andy Soar have each won a signed hard-copy for their respective collections. Thanks to all those who participated – special thanks to Emma and Danielle 🙂

Win a signed copy of Blood Related 🙂 All you have to do is share this post and click like on the Facebook Blood Related page here,  comment on this original thread that you have done so and I will pick one person at random to send a signed copy too 🙂 And a set of card art – great for bookmarks – (art featured here).
Also check out the rest of this blog [] if you have a few minutes.

If you have read the book I thankyou and hope you enjoyed it, in a dark sort of way. I promise the next one will be 
in third person, I don't think I could be Caleb Cunningham for any length of given time again. 
Aside from Blood Related, I have been working with true crime author RJ Parker on a True Crime re-release, out by July 
all things going to plan. Have a few book covers to do which I'm looking forward to and an illustrated (not by me - 
will reveal more soon ;-) collection of dark short fiction and verse. And hopefully more short fiction and a sequel to 
a certain book! 
Anyway, have a great week and thanks again. 
- William Cook, 29:06:12
(also available on kindle here for those of you who prefer that).

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