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UPDATE: Jennifer Thomas and Andy Soar have each won a signed hard-copy for their respective collections. Thanks to all those who participated – special thanks to Emma and Danielle 🙂

Win a signed copy of Blood Related 🙂 All you have to do is share this post and click like on the Facebook Blood Related page here,  comment on this original thread that you have done so and I will pick one person at random to send a signed copy too 🙂 And a set of card art – great for bookmarks – (art featured here).
Also check out the rest of this blog [] if you have a few minutes.

If you have read the book I thankyou and hope you enjoyed it, in a dark sort of way. I promise the next one will be 
in third person, I don't think I could be Caleb Cunningham for any length of given time again. 
Aside from Blood Related, I have been working with true crime author RJ Parker on a True Crime re-release, out by July 
all things going to plan. Have a few book covers to do which I'm looking forward to and an illustrated (not by me - 
will reveal more soon ;-) collection of dark short fiction and verse. And hopefully more short fiction and a sequel to 
a certain book! 
Anyway, have a great week and thanks again. 
- William Cook, 29:06:12
(also available on kindle here for those of you who prefer that).

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Blood Related now available on Amazon Kindle


‘Blood Related’ by William Cook has just been released on Amazon for Kindle. Print release to follow shortly. Please choose ‘tags’ on the ‘Blood Related’ Amazon page and make sure you share it via Twitter or Facebook. Thankyou for your patience and support. Hope you all have a great start to the New Year. Much appreciated.



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Official Book Cover for Blood Related

Concept by William Cook

Design by Angelic Knight Press

Photo image by the fabulous Danielle Tunstall

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