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Hi, I write books. Scary books mostly, but also literary fiction, a bit of sci-fi, Young Adult and, more recently, kids stories. This is one of my sites where you will find information about me and my books. My main website is: www.williamcookwriter.com I'd love it if you could come and visit me there. You will find a lot more content including articles, reviews, interesting links and inspirational videos. Thanks for visiting and please make sure to subscribe today so you don't miss out on any freebies and new releases. William Cook

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Serial Killer Thrillers – Serial Killer Fiction and Poetry (Omnibus Edition) By William Cook

Latest review for Serial Killer Thrillers. Have you read this book yet?

Book Review Village

Serial Killer Thrillers

Genre – Fiction

Category – Horror/Thriller/Short Story/Poetry/Single Author Anthology

Pages – 169

Publication Information – King Billy Publications – August 16, 2018

Format – Paperback

Rating – 📙📙📙📙📙

Having read everything available to read from William Cook this book was like revisiting an old friend, a demented friend, but a friend nonetheless. This is a great collection of previously published short stories, novellas, and poetry by a master at his craft. I have a few favorites and every time I read them I come away with a whole new feeling. Creep is one of my all time favorites. And every time I read ‘Til Death Do Us Part I cannot help but conjure up visions and memories of watching Jennifer Lynch’s Boxing Helena a 1993 Psychological Thriller starring Sherilyn Fenn, Julian Sands and Bill Paxton.  William’s poems will have you searching you soul and have you wondering about you…

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Australian Shadows Awards 2017 shortlists

Stoked to have been nominated for the Australian Shadow Awards – The Rocky Wood Award for Non-Fiction and Criticism, for my thesis ‘Literary Serial Killer Fiction: The Evolution of a Genre.’

if you’re interested in reading it (the thesis) you can find it here under my academic pseudonym:


Australasian Horror Writers Association

It is with great pleasure – and with thanks to the judges in all categories – that we announce the shortlists for the Australian Shadows Awards 2017.

Selected from 183 works submitted across 7 categories, these shortlists represent the very best in the field of horror and dark fiction (and non-fiction) by an Australasian author in 2017. Winners will be announced on Saturday 9 June, at the first live Australian Shadows Awards ceremony, kindly hosted by Continuum XIV: Conjugation.

And the shortlistees are…

The Rocky Wood Award for Non-Fiction and Criticism

  • 101 Weird Writers #46 – Ryūnosuke Akutagawa, Kat Clay. (Weird Fiction Review)
  • Literary Serial Killer Fiction: The Evolution of a Genre, William Cook. (Victoria University, Wellington NZ)
  • The Body Horror Book, Claire Fitzpatrick. (Oscillate Wildly Press)
  • It Follows is the Millennial STD Parable of Our Time, Maria Lewis. (SBS)
  • A Shared Ambition: Horror…

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Here is my interview with William Cook

New interview up here …


Hello and welcome to my blog, Author Interviews. My name is Fiona Mcvie.


Let’s get you introduced to everyone, shall we? Tell us your name. What is your age?

William Cook


Fiona: Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand.


Fiona: A little about your self (ie,  your education, family life, etc.).

Having just finished my Masters thesis, titled ‘Literary Serial Killer Fiction: The Evolution of a Genre,’ I am glad to be writing fiction again after a one-year hiatus. I have a very generous wife who allows me to write and work from home and look after our two children when they are not at school. Without her support I am afraid that my writing would only ever be a hobby at best.


Fiona: Tell us your latest news.

Latest news? Nothing of note – as…

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Review: Blood Related by William Cook

Review: Blood Related

Dark Hall Press

William Cook is a painter of impressions and moods, artfully rendering complex, authentic characters and weaving a twisted, darkly psychological narrative.

In his exploration of the minds of a pair of prolific serial killers (those peculiar creatures of popular morbid interest), Cook introduces us to the Cunningham  brothers – products of a long hereditary line of aberrant, pathological behaviors. For Caleb, our central narrator, killing is more than a habit – it is an obsessive art form, personal and highly selective. His brother, Charlie, on the other hand, is a human wrecking ball – careening from victim to victim as he plans grandiose mass murders like a one man terror squad. Both present acute symptoms of varied psychoses – suffering delusions and hallucinations, suicidal ideation, and displaying a generally tenuous grip on reality. In this way (much like the character of Quentin P. in Joyce Carol Oates’s Zombie), Caleb…

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Halloween Horror – Free Read 2016 – Best Horror Stories on the internet!

Check this out – lots of great free Halloween reads including one from yours truly (Runner up).

parlor of horror

Halloween Horror – Free Read 2016 – Best Horror Stories on the internet!

hosted by Parlor of Horror


The 2nd annual Parlor of Horror Best ‘Free Read’ Halloween Horror Stories

Here they are folks! 20 deliciously horrific stories to delve into for Halloween scares! Great free reading for the Halloween Season and to put you in the mood for the creepiest holiday ever.

Check out the titles, click a link, get some goosebumps as you read some of the best stories from underground writers and authors on the web.


Our TOP Stories! Editors picks:

Best Story:

Buback – Kerry E.B. Blackbest-free-read-award-best

This story embodied the spirit of Halloween and pulled me in with wonderful descriptive wording and thick atmosphere. It’s a wonderful tale for Halloween so take a moment and give it a read. Kerry wins a $25 gift card to Amazon.com and the title, Best “Free Read”…

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Reviewing Blood Related, by NZ author William Cook

Reviewing Blood Related, by NZ author William CookThe details of Caleb’s insane crime spree are conveyed in a (first-person) skin-crawler style which fascinates and repulses, bothI love crime – any media. I’ve been a fan from way W COOK_Blood Relatedback – Hitchcock’s Half-Hour and The Untouchables,at thirteen. Most current crime shows I watch “live” – but Silent Witness I have to record and watch in daylight.It’s too good a show to not watch at all – no matter how creeped out I get. Most crime novels (thrillers, chillers, serial killers…) I can read at any time.But if Blood Related had been a TV show – I would have had to watch it in daylight.A delightfully chilling sense of unease throughout the tale of Caleb Cunningham, psycho-killer, as he turns slaughter into an art form – ‘installations’ – hidden from discovery under the city. The sewers and drains are his alleys and pavements.Gut-wrenching reveals – his twin brother a killer too, both moulded as such by their father, another serial killer, and their mother an insane alcoholic. Bodies secreted everywhere, even in the much modified basement of the family town house. His grandfather was a killer, his handiwork scattered in the grounds of a country farm.Only homicide Detective Ray Truman senses connections and pursues the multitude case files as he works on the puzzle of three generations of serial killers. He comes too close to ending Caleb’s continued criminal future.So, those are the facts of who’s in the tale, but no spoilers. Some reviewers will give you more but I’d like you to follow the horror in Cook’s pages.You still have a lot of fine reading to do. Cook’s style is unique – part narrative, part reportive – and the details of Caleb’s insane crime spree are conveyed in a (first-person) skin-crawler style which fascinates and repulses, both. This will not be my first, or only, William Cook thriller!Published 2015 King Billy Publications, Wellington, New ZealandBuy at Amazon.com at http://tinyurl.com/BloodRelatedPromo: Kindle or Paperback editions availableRead about more of William’s work at his site: http://williamcookwriter.com

Source: Reviewing Blood Related, by NZ author William Cook

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William Cook ‘Blood Related’ Review

Horror Novel Reviews

Written by: Wesley Thomas

A superbly sick and twisted horror novel that delves into a dark psyche!

We have a very rough-around-the-edges family. A serial killer for a father, drunk for a mother, and twin boys who witness more than any child should.

This book details the horrific things people do to each other and how it mentally and emotionally affects others.

I was completely glued to the pages throughout this book. William Cook clearly does a lot of research when creating his characters and the storylines. It goes far beyond blood, gore and cheap thrills. The kind of horror within these pages will haunt your mind for years to come. The description of these disturbed individuals will send chills down your spine.

This book’s appeal knows no bounds. It has obvious elements of horror. Then a huge criminal element as a detective tries to take down this messed up…

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