Get to Know Highly Touted Creator of the Macabre, Tim Waggoner in This Brand New Interview!

Great interview here with author Tim Waggoner . . .

Horror Novel Reviews

Tim Waggoner is a diverse dude. Capable of touching down on virtually any dark corner of the genre, Tim’s gained a strong following. But it isn’t just versatility that makes his fiction so damn endearing, it’s the overall talent and refined prose he consistently delivers to fans. He’s an awesome player in this game (and he’s an awesome dude, to boot!), and we’re extremely excited to offer you up a new, exclusive interview with this stud!


John Wisniewski: When did you begin writing horror, Tim?

Tim Waggoner: I first started consciously trying to write horror when I was eighteen. At that time, I played around with genre fiction in general and tried horror, fantasy, science fiction and mystery. I focused on fantasy for several years, but my first love as a reader had always been horror fiction. In some ways, I think was intimidated to seriously focus on…

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